cowgirl boots is a short, narrative game i made for #gaywesternjam using bitsy! i recommend that you play this in full-screen for better visibility. enjoy! :-)

music: "ocean song" by louie zong

if you liked this little game of mine, consider sending me a little support!

come across any bugs? shoot me a dm!


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Very moving. Love the aesthetic. Keep up the good work.

This is so cute ! I teared up a little but ngl. We need more games like this one <3

So sweet i felt like crying tbh, the music is great and i love the writing, it just felt so natural


Such a sweet little game, I love all the writing :)


this is a really sweet experience, i love the continuity of the same actions with different dialogue over the scenes and the low-rez 1-bit landscapes. v v good, thank u for making it!




That was so sweeeet ^_^ It's the second game I play from this jam, and if I play a third one that is as cute and nice as those two I'm just gonna cry :'D Loved it!


(Lol I just heard my boyfriend humming the theme of the game, it was a bit short, but really nice as well ^^)


I love this game so much !!! ♥


this is so cute And good!!

omg tysm!! :')